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Lata Mangeshkar- A Biography
Dr. MandaarBorn on 28th September 1929 in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Lata Mangeshkar is one of the greatest singers India has ever produced. The Mangeshkar family could very well be called the premier musical family of India as father Pt. Dinanath and the five siblings - Lata, Usha, Asha (Bhosle), Meena (Khadikar) and Hridaynath....

What do Lata Mangeshkar’s seniors, contemporaries and latter generation artistes say about the Lata phenomenon?

  • I don’t know what the girl Lata Mangeshkar has in her voice. She is indeed ‘Ustaadon ki ustad’’! -Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
  • Many tunes of her film-songs and non-film songs are based on classical music. So it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she deserves a major credit for making classical music popular among masses. – Pt. Bhimsen Joshi
  • Her three-three and a half minutes-long film-song gives me the same artistic value and joy as any classical musician’s three-three and a half hour-long concert.- Kumar Gandharva
  • I have a special respect for singers with intelligence and sensitivity and God has given her both these gifts in abundance. – Pt. Ravishankar
  • There will be no one like Lata in the world of film music. There will be no one like Lata in the world of classical music as well. – Ustad Allarkha Khan
  • What can I say about her music? It comes from heaven. – Ustad Vilayat Khan
  • Lata, the swar incarnate is as important, as necessary for me as the fresh air that I breathe. – Pandit Jasraj
  • Lata’s voice is a unique favour by Mother Saraswati. – Amjad Ali Khan
  • The music which cascades through her voice is sincere, soulful and haunting.- Lalgudi Jayaraman
  • To hear her sing is to know God exists. – Zakir Hussain
  • Iski shohrat aasman ki bulandiyon ko chhoo jaayegi. (Her fame will reach the height of skies.) – Master Ghulam Haider
  • Music itself changed with her coming. She came, she saw and she conquered. She refined herself so much that she could sing anything and for anybody. – Anil Biswas
  • Dhadakta hai dil-e-Hindustan aawaz mein teri! (The heart of India beats in your voice!)– Naushad
  • Unkee takkar ka sureela maine abhi tak suna nahi. (I have not heard anyone as tuneful as her.- Sajjad Hussain
  • Lata has such a magical voice that it makes you soar into skies, relieving the mind from all worries and sorrows.- Sachin Dev Burman
  •  She has taken her God-given natural talent to such heights that there is no equal to her in playback singing. She is the uncrowned queen of her field. – Madan Mohan
  • Lata Mangeshkar has no more remained one person’s name. It has become synonymous with an era in the history of film music.- Hemant Kumar
  • No music director wanted anybody if they could get her to sing their songs. She used to be everybody’s first choice.Pyarelal
  • Some singers cannot bring in the expression we need. Others even overdo it. But Lata is just perfect. – Kalyanji
  • She's God's gift to us -- to the people of this country and indeed, to the world.Khayyam
  • God has endowed her with an extraordinary gift of adapting to any language and her dedication and her painstaking efforts to ensure ‘Akshara Shuddhi’ must be seen to be believed. - Ilayaraja
  • She has given playback singing the class and originality of fine art. – Majrooh Sultanpuri
  • Lata’s praise cannot be expressed in words. It is beyond words. Anand Bakshi
  •  Lata was unsurpassable; how could anybody hope to compete against her?Manna Dey
  • She certainly moves human hearts into myriad moods through her unparalleled tonal expression. – Suman Kalyanpur
  • Every note of hers is true and tuneful- and that’s why so pleasant to hear.- Talat Mahmood
  • You can learn so much from just listening to her singing, listening to all those nuances which make the difference between just delivering a song and giving those refined shades to a composition which even the composer had not imagined.Suresh Wadkar
  • Her voice is so beautiful that even if she playbacks for some ordinary-looking actress, her face starts looking beautiful. – Alka Yagnik
  • No one is greater than her as far as emotion, perception of words and the spiritual quality is concerned -- you feel it's not music for the sake of entertainment but music for the sake of reaching god. – Kavita Krishnamurthy
  • Hers is a voice whose appeal is universal. There is a lot of soul in it as well as a technical brilliance, and this is a very rare combination.Pankaj Udhas
  • Hers is a special voice that enters your ears and goes straight to your heart.Dilip Kumar
  • She is a phenomenon that happens once in many years. – Dev Anand
  • In the field of music, Lata Mangeshkar is one of the few miracles that you can count on your finger tips.Sivaji Ganesan
  • She is the living tuneful symbol of national integration.L.V. Prasad
  • Beauty is... in my mind, Lata Mangeshkar in that small recording room with her headphones on...- Vijay Anand
  • Other singers follow music. In Lataji’s case, music follows her! – Yash Chopra

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Books on Lata Mangeshkar

Many authors have tried to capture the magic of Lata Mangeshkar’s music and persona through their books; some covering her biography, some analyzing her music and some compiling her songs. Even the nightingale herself has contributed to some of these literary ventures in different languages. If you want to know more about the melody queen, then you must read these books!