Celebrating Lata Mangeshkar!

by Arunabha Roy

For your admirers every day is a celebration of your art, yet this day remains special. Today we celebrate the extraordinary fortune of having been born in the era of your music.

Be it the tactile brushes with the sublime you have given us to experience, the signature nuances that at once beguile and bewilder, the subtle graces that surpass our imagination of what impact a human voice can effect, you have rewarded listeners manifold.

Your music has united and forged close ties between people from diverse walks of life, belonging to different generations and geographies. It has invited people, regardless of what part of India they belong, to discover songs in other unfamiliar languages you have sung in, and gain proximity with these. For the longest time, you have represented and come to define a seminal part of the Indian identity.

With reverence and gratitude, a wish for your long life. May generations of Indians come to discover and appreciate the raajasik beauty (as my friend coined it) of Lata Mangeshkar's voice.

About the author
Arunabha Roy

Arunabha Roy is a is an applied scientist who grew up in Mumbai and now lives and works in Bangalore. This Golden Era music enthusiast, who despite spending many years in the West (US and UK!), has only seen his love and admiration for Lata Mangeshkar's music exponentially increase over the years! Spending hours chatting about her songs and craft with like-minded music lovers is his most favourite pastime. Since 1999 he has been in thrall to Lata Mangeshkar's songs of the 1950s.