Happy 86th birthday, Lataji!

by Vinay Kumar

Words fall short whenever I want to express something about her singing.

After a day filled with stress/pressure, just listen to "Allah tero naam", that exactly is what her singing all about! The soothing effect she offers in her singing is a something to be experienced and just cannot be expressed.

Voice is God's gift and modulating the same is a human effort. Her singing is epitome of perfection in both. Innocence in voice, clarity in pronunciation, natural expression, balanced modulations, amazing breath control all together made one "Lata Mangeshkar".

There is some blessed feel in her voice which is beyond any happiness I can ever imagine. Mix the "purity in smile of a toddler" with "fragrance of flowers", "pious sound of temple bells early in the morning" and "smell of sand after rain", that bliss is next to her magical singing. Really, how involved she is in her singing.. That voice comes straight from the heart!!

Both happiness of pure love and melancholy in love failure sounds ultimate in her gifted vocals. If she could master delivering materialistic feelings of Love, failure, pain, separation in great way in her voice, she was not behind in delivering spiritual feel of surrendering nature. In fact, whenever I listen to her Meera Bhajans, I feel as if Meera was singing herself. That dedication, devotion, compassion and "samarpana" feel of Meera's songs waited for Lataji to be rendered. In both film and non-film songs, she gave life to Meerabai.

One thing that makes her unique to me is the grace that she adds in her singing and then the way she controls volume of her vocals between two immediate words in a same line to match meaning of the lyrics. Not one, every aspect of her singing makes novice like me also enjoy those golden melodies composed by great composers.

I created this medley of around 86 evergreen songs of Lata Mangeshkar as a tribute to Queen of Melodies on her 86th birth-day( September 28th, 2015).

It was a tough task to select just 86 from treasure of melodies. These are some handpicked melodies from her rich career spanning many decades.

Lots & Lots of Love Lataji! Thanks for all those blissful moments you blessed us with your vocals!! May God Bless you with good health and continued success & glory.

Happy Birthday!!

About the author
Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is working as a software engineer. He is an ardent fan of Indian Music and his main passion is to collect musical works of Lataji & S Janakiji. He is from Andhra Pradesh. currently working in US for a project assignment