Lata- The Gift That Keeps Giving!

Veena Sathe Pathak pens a heartfelt tribute to the singer that has wrapped our lives with her magical melodies.

Lata Mangeshkar-A Lifetime of Songs

Music enthusiast researcher Vinay Kumar shares what it was and it is- living with Lata Mangeshkar's songs!

Lata-The Voice of the Golden Era

Lata's artistry left an impression on so many hearts and minds. A knowledgeable music-lover, and an author, K.V. Ramesh pens a personalized tribute.

Adios Lata-bai..

Music aficionado Naresh Khattar offers a heartfelt personalized tribute to his favourite artiste.

Death of a Death!

Music aficionado Sushrut Vaidya pens a heartfelt tribute to the eternal melody queen!

Sketch of a Legend

Ratnagiri-based pathologist and a keen music enthusiast Dr. Shrikhande shares a brief sketch of the melody queen.

Koyal Boli

Nikhil Bhagat, a veteran from the chemical industry, fondly reminisces about his special chimstry with Lata's songs.

The ever-present backdrop

A child of the eighties, Arunabha Roy recalls how after resisting for years, he finally gave in to accept the absolute mastery of the nightingale! A candid 'conversion' tale!

Musical memories

Coming from a family that instilled the love of music from childhood, Vineesh Vedsen shares his world of memories about Lata's songs.

My life is her song!

Srinivas Ganti traces the major milestones of his life through Lata's songs. The original article appeared on LearningAndCreativity.Com.

Celebrating Lata Mangeshkar!

'Today we celebrate the extraordinary fortune of having been born in the era of your music.'- writes Arunabha Roy.

Happy 86th birthday, Lataji!

'Not one, every aspect of her singing makes novice like me also enjoy those golden melodies composed by great composers.'- says Vinay Kumar.

Lata in my memories

"If Lata Mangeshkar were to be described as the spice in my musical life, it would be akin to living in the enchanting spice town of Alleppy, Kerala"-writes Dr. Dhirendra Tripathi.

Lata Pishima

My entrails were in knots. She had just woken up but stepped out smiling, her long braid visible … her smile as serenely sweet as ever! Raised to avoid direct eye contact with those one reveres, my eyes focused on her feet and someday, when I get a tad luckier, I shall get a picture of them because … Hers are probably the most beautiful feet in the world.

My Didi

Like the billion or more Indians, I, too have enjoyed Didi's voice which to me is ' Divine "! In my humble opinion our Didi is the undisputed " Swar Samragnee", the empress of Music and Melody.

The reference point

"To me, 'Lata Mangeshkar' practically defines the sound of the entire Indian film industry. Her voice has no longer remained just hers; it has come to be recognized as the voice of the Indian films."-says the popular Bollywood singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan.

Archiving her songs

"Needless to say that Lata Mangeshkar herself is an institution. I am certain that in India and abroad Lata Mangeshkar will be the subject of research." writes Snehasis Chatterjee.

Musical phenomenon

I was once asked to define “Lata Mangeshkar”. My response was…. The Essence of Music encapsulated in a human form is Lata Mangeshkar!

She is special!

I realized another thing that while counting the most memorable and immortal songs from the golden era, more often than not it was Lata who had rendered them.

Discovering Lata

'It took an audio cassette released by HMV to set the neurons firing on all cylinders – and suddenly I was transformed from an inanimate to a sentient being.'- writes Krittibas Dasgupta.

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