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Lata Online is a web museum dedicated to Lata Mangeshkar, the melody queen of India. A repository of articles, interviews, tributes, images, music, and videos. An archive to understand a legend. A humble tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time!

About Webmaster

Lata Online is a labour of love. Dr. Mandar V. Bichu, a UAE-based writer-journalist, who has already written two books on Lata Mangeshkar (Gaaye Lata Gaaye Lata in Marathi and Lata-Voice of the Golden Era in English),is the webmaster-editor-curator of this web museum. If you want to contact us, drop an email to editor@lataonline.com

About Copyrights

Lataonline does not hold copyrights of any articles, music, videos or images. The copyrights rest with the original writers, owner companies or individuals. The archived material is sourced from internet, personal collection and individual collectors. The archive is for educational purpose to preserve the musical and sociocultural legacy of one of world’s foremost artistes. If you do not wish your copyrighted material to be archived on this site for any reason, please write to us (editor@lataonline.com) and it will be removed as soon as possible.

About the accuracy, availability, and updates

While full attention will be given to maintaining the website available 24/7/365 with accurate material and regular updates, given the ever-fickle nature of technology and legality, we cannot guarantee these things. Feel free to point out any lapses.

About the Contributors

The only reason this project has materialized is because so many contributors have wholeheartedly participated into it, some of them knowingly but most of them unknowingly and without any expectations. A big ‘Thank you’ to all the writers who wrote such wonderful articles, the collectors who posted such rare photographs and those hundreds of Youtubers who uploaded such an unending wealth of music and video clips. And yes, how could I forget the contribution of my web developer team headed by the unflappable Rakov Kirpal? They have given it their all for this project.

Without all these selfless contributors this web museum would never have seen the light of the day.

So go on. Immerse yourself in the world of Lata Mangeshkar, a world of magical music!

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