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Lata - Maharashtra Times 1989PDFs

Snippets from the special Lata-supplement by Maharashtra Times in 1989 on the occasion of her 60th birthday.

Lata- Screen Special Issue 1989PDFs

Screen Magazine came up with a special tribute issue when Lata turned 60 in 1989. It featured many wonderful interviews and articles. Here are the scanned pages.

Moonlight in her throat (By: Arjun Dev Rashk)PDFs

Source: Unknown, 12-3-1971; Courtesy: Kaustubh Pingle

She set the discs whizzing! : (By: Shalini Pradhan)PDFs

Filmfare Feb 1983; Courtesy: Kaustubh Pingle

Shruti dhanya jaahalyaa (By :Lata Mangeshkar) (Marathi Article)PDFs

Loksatta Diwali Issue (1968) Courtesy: Sushrut Vaidya

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